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Welcome to the new website of The Tri-City Jewish Center. Congregation Beth Israel at Beit Shalom (House of Peace) is a warm, friendly, traditional Jewish synagogue now located in Davenport, Iowa at 2215 E. Kimberly Road.

We embrace a wide variety of ages, back-grounds, and styles of worship. We hold a weekly Saturday morning traditional egalitarian service with a 10:30am start time. Children, from infants on up, are welcome at our services. We are a participatory congregation that encourages members to learn and teach.

Congregation Beth Israel at The Tri-City Jewish Center is a congregation supporting Jewish life in the Quad Cities and the surrounding communities.


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Every dream that becomes a reality must be based on a mission and this mission must fill a need to become a success.

In 1935, a small group of Jewish men and women, led by I.C. Gellman, had a dream. They dreamed of creating a Jewish Community Center where adults and youth could congregate. The three fold mission of the Tri-City Jewish Center, as stated in the early records, was a religious, cultural and social center for all who wished to join.

At that time, the Jewish community consisted of small enclaves of strong and vibrant groups on both sides of the Mississippi River. There was a Reform temple and three Orthodox synagogues, but there was no common meeting ground for the entire community. With this purpose in mind, committees were appointed to raise funds for a new Jewish Center.

The committees went to work and their efforts raised $30,000 from 159 families. With this money, the Tri-City Jewish Center came into existence.